Our VCI active ingredient NO-CORRO® has proven its worth over decades of use. The international acronym VCI stands for "Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor".
Our NO-CORRO®  product not only provides effective protection against corrosion for the target products, but is also easy and inexpensive to use.

The active chemical ingredient in NO-CORRO® is added by means of a special procedure. After creating a protective atmosphere inside the packaging, the NO-CORRO® molecules are deposited onto the surface of the metals. This ensures that even parts that are difficult to access, such as drill holes, inner threads, cracks and so on, are protected. This surface protection terminates corrosive chemical and electro-chemical reactions. After removing the NO-CORRO® products, the VCI film will evaporate without leaving behind any residues.
The combination of a VCI product and a barrier layer enhances the protective function. The product will begin to protect all parts once the VCI active ingredient has entered the vapour phase. The duration of the protection will depend essentially on any additional packaging provided and the movement of the air inside the storage area. We would advise that you add an outer barrier layer when using NO-CORRO® products so as to create a sufficient VCI atmosphere. When dispatching to a highly corrosive climate, we strongly recommend use of a water-proof barrier layer.

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Essential advantages

Handling no need for an oiling station, etc.

Cost little manpower needed, no special waste, storage space required small, etc.

NO De-Waxing no need to degrease using solvents, ready for use immediately

RECYCLEABLE Disposal and environment protection

Long-term Protection
 When dispatching to a highly corrosive climate, we strongly recommend use of a water-proof barrier layer. In the long term, the protection against corrosion provided by VCI products can be significantly enhanced by adding a water-proof outer barrier layer.

plus NO-CORRO® for Experts
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