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For the demanding export, and long-term overseas packaging we offer fat-and water-repellent wax paper as packaging materials.
Paraffin paper (oiled paper)

All of our paraffin papers are both water- and grease-repellent. No further explanation is required here: the uses of these products have been well known for decades. Both flat and crinkled versions of these papers are available in either rolls or set formats.

Our simple oiled papers are made overwhelmingly using recycled paper, including selected waste paper.

For highly valuable goods we offer kraft paraffin papers made specifically without any corrosive components. These papers are manufactured from fresh fibre cellulose.

Environmentally friendly packaging materials
Both our paraffin and oiled papers have brought nature protection and accrued environmental requirements to the fore. A field trial has demonstrated decaying properties similar to those of foliage. 
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