Wissenswertes zu Korrosion
Metallic assembly units
Metallic assembly units and entire machines should be protected as quickly as possible.
Constant Temperatures
Articles should be packaged in a closed room with low levels of humidity and a constant temperature. The metal should not be colder than the room temperature; otherwise, the damp in the surrounding air will condensate on the surface of the cool metal and will be enclosed within the packaging. The articles should not be exposed to gases, soiling or galvanic vapours.
New buildings

N.B. for packaging and storage in new buildings! The dampness contained in the walls of new buildings can result in corrosive damage: chemical building materials often contain chlorides and other corrosive substances.

weekend relationship
When storing parts susceptible to rust overnight or during the weekend, cover these with suitable NO-CORRO® products in order to prevent the formation of a rust film.
We increase your profit
Research Institutes estimate that the corrosive damage caused annually across European industry by incorrect storage costs roughly 2.5% of gross domestic product!
Critical Zones

Items made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are not packaged properly during transport and long-term storage in critical zones are at great risk of corrosion.


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